My Happiness

My happiness is when you look at me right when I’m doing something stupid and you say “you are so adorable”. It was one of those moments I stopped feeling like I had to impress you. Good thing too because little did I know things worked better when I was myself rather than try to please you in every little way. Forgive me for all the wasted time I spent trying to be perfect because I was trying to be something I’m not. I am not perfect but all I had to do was be myself for more of those “you are so adorable moments because lets face it I am always doing something stupid. Before this realization and before you I found myself trying to be someones perfect person but the only thing in this world that is truly perfect is how much you can love someone for loving your flaws. I was a puzzle piece trying to force myself to fit into other peoples lives when I wasn’t even part of their puzzle but with you I don’t have to change. We fit and that is all that matters now because that is my happiness.


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