I get these vision of one eyed roses and tip toeing cats With clarity so profound there’d be no way to imagine it.

But the one eyed rose will always be the one chance I didn’t have.. and and and 

The stupid cat follows me into my head and purrs when you’re around 

Crosses her arms and makes me feel like you’d love my hand. 

The evil rose with its thorns of truth distorted my hand only to decide i wasn’t good enough to hold it. 

I get these visions of what it’d be like to have you there to give me a sunflower  

A taste of brightness so hot itd burn me alive 

Give me the universe or give me nothing. 

But when you are on the phone with me I don’t have these visions. 

It stops being about things I don’t fully understand but I kinda understand just not enough to make it sound sane and it 

becomes real life.

It becomes about the way you say my name and the way you sing to me. Managing to put my name in these songs and make me feel like it was written for me. 

I don’t know if the cat beats the rose. 

All I know is that you give me sunflowers 


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